The Mining for Miracles Committee is comprised of innovative leaders representing the Mineral Exploration and Mining Industry.  Committee Members represent mineral exploration companies, mining companies, associations, suppliers and corresponding service sectors.  They volunteer their time, effort and commitment to support the annual fundraising campaigns for BC Children’s Hospital.   The Industry provides in-kind support in order to ensure that 100% of the money raised goes to BC Children’s Hospital. 

2018 Mining for Miracles Committee Members are listed below:

Alison Joyce, SMS Equipment Inc.

Bryan Cox, Mining Association of British Columbia

Celina Sookachoff, Teck Resources Limited

Chad Pederson, Teck Resources Limited

Cherry DeGeer, Goldcorp

Christine Marks, Goldcorp

Darold Thorp, Brandt Tractor

Deanna Higginson, Hemmera

Deb Bryant, Hemmera

Jacqui Schneider, Teck Resources Limited (Highland Valley Copper)

Jason Weber, Estrella Gold Corporation

Jeff Hanman, Co-Chair, Teck Resources Limited

Jim Harrison, Finning

Joanne Klein, Goldcorp

Joel Shirriff, Ausenco

Jonathan O’Connor, MLT Lawyers

Julie Kim Pelly, Western Copper and Goldcorp

Karla Mills, Teck Resources Limited

Katie Fedosenko, Teck Resources Limited

Larry Wakeford, SMS Equipment Inc.

Meghan Brown, Leagold

Mitch Zulinik, Arrow Transportation Systems

Rod Allen, SMS Equipment Inc.

Sadie Ismay, Teck Resources Limited

Sarah Weber, C3 Alliance Corp.

Steven Krause, Avisar Chartered Accountants

Tammy Ogden, Teck Resources Limited (Teck Coal)

Tina Wang, Co-Chair, Goldcorp

Toni Wallis, Retired

Victor Zhou, Ernst & Young

Yu-Hui Kiang, Teck Resources Limited