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Mining for Miracles - BC's Mining Industry Charity of Choice

Mining for Miracles - BC's Mining Industry Charity of Choice Mining for Miracles, a committee of mining industry executives and personnel formed in 1988 to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital, is an outstanding example of how BC’s Mining Industry has made an enormous positive impact to health & welfare of children, families and communities across BC. Since 1988 Mining for Miracles has raised over $28 million for high needs and high impact areas of BC Children’s Hospital.

The industry’s giving to BC Children’s Hospital comes from the heart. Employees, contractors, bankers & lenders, suppliers, mining executives, law & accounting firms, industry consultants, families and friends of the mining industry get together and give to BC Children’s so that researchers, doctors, nurses, clinicians, and caregivers can help our children to recover from injury and illness and succeed in life.

Operating rooms designed for children, advanced medical imaging equipment, medical simulation technology and procedures, and infectious disease laboratories are all areas of BC Children’s Hospital partly or completely funded by Mining for Miracle campaigns. Each funded area of the hospital has increased the likelihood of a successful treatment for illness and injury, has reduced the recovery time of patients, has increased the knowledge and capabilities of caregivers, while reducing the cost of providing world class healthcare to our children. Sponsor a Pie-ee, donate at your company barbeque, enter a slo-pitch team, buy diamond package draw tickets, make a personal donation or volunteer. Your contribution counts.