Funds raised in 1999 were directed to the Telethon Equipment Fund.
Al Cloke
Transwest Dynequip Ltd.
Chairman's Remarks: 
Over the past fifteen years the mining industry and BC Children’s Hospital have built a great team. Helping the kids at the hospital fits with the culture of mining people. I have been very fortunate to be a part of “Mining For Miracles” for years. Fundraising for Children’s began for me because it was an existing industry charity. I quickly became committed when I visited the hospital and realized what we could do as an industry to help. There are no words to describe the emotions of talking to a young teenager at the hospital who has serious cancer or another life threatening disease. You quickly realize their strength is greater than yours. All I can do is keep fundraising and put as many smiles as I can back where they belong. My lifelong association with the mining industry has thankfully allowed be to be a small part of the team.