Funds raised in 1988 were directed to the Telethon Equipment Fund.
Jim O'Rourke
Princeton Mining
Chairman's Remarks: 
Chairing the mining communities fund raising campaign for Children’s Hospital in 1988 was a rewarding experience by being able to contribute with the overwhelming support received from the people in the mining industry. Children’s Hospital has touched the lives of us all: parents, grand parents, relatives and friends of our B.C. children. Too often we take the good for granted. The value of the services provided by Children’s dedicated staff and facilities are infinite for our B.C, children in need. The 1988 fund raising campaign was a wake-up experience for many of us in the mining industry. Recognition and appreciation of the tremendous contributions made by Children’s Hospital for the children of B.C. was silent but well established in our mining communities. The door to door grass roots involvement of our campaigners heightened our level of awareness of the great services Children’s provides. The Mining for Miracles campaign was the spark needed to ignite the enthusiasm of the people of our industry to make Children’s Hospital their priority charity.